The Alleluia Family Information Handbook


The Alleluia Community School is an extension of the life of the Alleluia Community. It is built on a foundation of conviction that Jesus wants children formed in the ways of the Lord (Deut. 6). The purpose of our school is to better help us live the life which the Lord has called us to be. Our school objectives clearly state that we will develop an educational environment and program which will complement parental training of children in the ways of the Lord and in the academic skills needed to build the Kingdom of God. It is our purpose to assist in giving each child a well–rounded Christian education.


"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it"
Proverbs 22:6


1. To support the work of the parents in ensuring that each child comes to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, achieves a higher level of Christian maturity, attains a deeper commitment to the Lord and the brothers and sisters of Alleluia Community, and becomes a more effective witness for the Lord by growing more into the likeness of the full stature of Christ.

2. To recgonize the idividuality of the person and to assist each child in properly responding to himself and to others; to develop self–confidence, individual God–given talents and abilities in creativity, goal setting, analysis, communications, academics, and the principles of being a succesful servant of God.

3. To promote self–discipline by training students to be relevant, consistent, appreciative, responsible, and thorough in attitude, character, and actions.

4. To assist each child in seeking his purpose for life's service and necessary preparation for eternity through emphasis upon God's Word and its effect on the individual's life.

5. To help each child learn to honor the Lord by meeting the daily responsibilities with which God has entrusted him.

6. To foster relationships within the body of school–aged children and integrate them fully into the life of the entire body.

7. To educate our children in the academic skills necessary to build the Kingdom of God.

8. To create a learning environment free from the negative effects of the world and free from interruptions and distractions which hinder learning.

9. To assist the parents in raising their children in the discipline of the Lord by providing an environment which adheres to the moral, behavioral, and disciplinary standards of the Alleluia Community.

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Last updated 11/5/97